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Your Say: A Long Walk to Unity Among KDM

By Jennifer Tugung

There is still a long walk to unity especially among KDM people and its leader. The Chinese Sabahan has united; the Muslim has united; the KDM? The Sabah State Election 2020 is truly a reflection on disunity among KDM.

Even until today, the Kadazan-Dusun community still grapples with unity. Those living in the urban areas might understood this but those in the rural areas? The KDM leaders should make it an ambition to unite everyone and not divide us, KDM.

Shafie is often regarded as ‘tawi-tawi’ or associate with the word ‘pilak’ just because He is of Bajau/ Suluk descent; the introduction of PSS which was wrongly interpreted by the people.

I can’t blame them since the previous minister has somewhat failed to make people comprehend. What saddens me is when my very own KDM friends called him ‘pilak’( I hate using this word, I think it’s the same thing when you use the N word in US). A friend of mine casually explains to me “KDM sangat racist, macam mana mau unite”.

While I understand the PTI issue in Sabah is very critical and sensitive but not only we have grown more divided over the years (ever since UMNO set a foothold here in Sabah), we have also developed prejudice/racism towards those living in the East Coast of Sabah. How sad.

I hope one day KDM, regardless of political views and beliefs, could walk hand in hand in unity to fight for our rights. Om kumaa Mandela.. ogumu poh lahan au navaza diaha.

Tap on the news link to read what Datuk Darell has said previously during the Sabah State Election. I think it’s a good message to all of us KDM. Rakyat Sabah Pantai Timur dan Pantai Barat perlu bersatu.