Governance Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)

Warisan: Stop Talking, Act on Unresolved MA63 Issues

Press Statement by the Secretary General of Warisan, Datuk Loretto Padua Jr. and former Assistant State Minister of Education and Innovation, Jennifer Lasimbang

16 April 2021

KOTA KINABALU : Warisan today chided the Federal Minister of Sabah and Sarawak Affairs, Dr. Maximus Ongkili whom the party said to be spending too much time talking on trivial issue while neglecting more important matters that affect the Sabahans.

The former Assistant Minister of the now defunct State Ministry of Education and Innovation, Jennifer Lasimbang said Ongkili should not waste anymore time on talking about the 17 points or Ligitan but move on and quickly solve the myriad of pressing issues in Sabah.

“Maybe PH’s commitment on the 17 points of the MA63 is the only political lifeline that both PBS and Ongkili has now hence the reason why they are talking about it incessantly hoping that Sabahans will forget the party’s inept failure despite spending 20 years in copulation with Umno.

Since Ongkili is the Minister of Sabah & Sarawak Affairs, my advice to him is to stop wasting time on such petty issues and to start delivering what Sabah and Sarawak entitled for when we formed the Federation of Malaysia particularly regarding the sorry conditions of our schools that desperately requires better school facilities and utilities, new furnitures, modern teaching aids, internet connectivity and liveable hostels environment,” she said in a statement today.

The former consultant to the Unicef Malaysia and UN Development Programme also said that during her 2 years stint as the State Assistant Minister, her fact-finding missions all over the State unearth shocking revelation where almost half of the schools in Sabah are categorized as ‘daif’.

“Out of the 1296 schools in Sabah, 589 are classified as ‘daif’ where our schoolchildren have to use water from the wells, rusted roofing causing water leakages when its rain, children having to endure hot condition because of non-functioning fans and worst of all, having to sleep on the floor without beds in inhabitable hostels.

Based on my decade long experience with UNICEF and UNDP, I would readily attest that the sorry conditions of our schools denotes lack of enthusiasm and vigour on the part of both our State and Federal Governments in the past to create a progressive society where our school-children from the rural areas will be given the opportunity to experience upward social mobility.

Sabahans will forever be indebted to Shafie Apdal, a true believer in education, who immediately established the Ministry of Education and Innovation soon after WarisanPlus came into power in 2018 and he had also been instrumental in securing the allocation of RM100 million in 2019 to repair 24 ‘sekolah daif’ and another RM445 million in 2020 under RMK-11 involving 61 ‘sekolah daif after series of meetings and discussions between with the Federal Ministries and Agencies.

With Shafie being an advocate on education and his conspicuous presence within the Federal Government, Sabah would have been the biggest gainer on education if PH Government was still in power today since we would have secured substantial amount of allocation especially for the repair and upgrading of ‘missions and vernacular’ schools in Sabah and the increment of the District Education Director’s allocation from the existing RM500,000 once the Twelfth Malaysian Plan (RMK12) rolled out and we have yet to take account into the sales tax collected from PETRONAS and the 40% entitlement which remain as one of the 4 unsolved points of the MA63.

So if Ongkili aspire to be a respectable Stateman, then he should stop bragging here and there about the 21 Points of MA63 as if he is a novice politician and start to think instead how to reduce Kota Marudu’s 46% poverty rate which is the 3rd highest in Malaysia and also to play an useful role regarding the conditions of our schools,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Warisan, Datuk Loretto Padua Jr. reiterated that the party will continue to play its part to ensure Sabahan schoolchildren will receive better standard of education especially regarding school facilities and hostel accommodations.

“We had so many schoolchildren from the rural areas of Sabah who performed exceptionally well in academic, sports and extra curriculum activities and we need to ensure that these schools continue to produce talented students because one day, they will lead the nation in many ways.

Warisan inherited a very messy State from BN Sabah who grew complacent for having no competitor at all for almost 24 years and that complacency is the reason why they have no urgency or passion to ensure that our schoolchildren received equal standard on school facilities with those at KL.

Now imagine seeing a student who came from a poor family where his parents are unable to provide study materials or worst, a socially broken family where his parents engage in daily drinking stupors in their house – we should never conclude that this student is destined to inherit his parents’ current condition.

It is the role of the Government to prepare an escape route for that student and this route is known as education – hence the reason why Warisan want all our schools in the State to become a wonderful place for our schoolchildren so that they will be interested to come, study and pass their exams resulting them to have a much better prospect in life than they are now in.

Warisan will continue to place education as its priority and despite all the mockery made on our decision to establish the State’s Ministry of Education and Innovation, it managed to secure important deals for our schools hence we will re-establish this Ministry if the Sabahans agreeable to return back the mandate to us.

The missionaries who faced even greater challenges to provide education to the Sabahans back in the 1900s due to the lack of funds to build proper schools and resistance from parents who preferred their children to help them at the paddy field should become the beacon of light for us that nothing is impossible in eyes of the God and he might even help us as long as our fight is for the right intention,” he said.

Covid-19 Governance Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)

Warisan: SMIs’ Interests Is Our Priority

Joint Press Statement by the State Assemblyman for Kudat, Ben Chong and Deputy President of Warisan, Datuk Darell Leiking.

14 April 2021

KOTA KINABALU: Warisan today assured that it will continue to serve and protect the interests of the Small and Medium Industry (SMI) and micro-businesses players in Sabah and also to work out within the Federal level to remove barriers that impede the growth of that sector.

The State Assemblyman for Kudat, Ben Chong said the party is prioritizing the SMI and micro-businesses because they play important part in the nation building thru taxes and duties collected while at the same time, provide employment to the locals.

“Warisan believe that industrialization is the key if Sabah aspire to become a developed State with SMIs and micro-businesses the important building blocks in the process, hence, the need for us to protect their interests.

And until today, the party’s President, Shafie Apdal and his Deputy, Darell Leiking still maintain their ‘open door’ practice where they will engage with leaders or members of business associations or stakeholders directly or personally to understand their businesses needs.

The commitment is also reflected when Shafie allocated some RM40 million for the State’s micro-businesses thru Sabah Credit Corporation and another RM50 million loan for SME players during the announcement of the First Round of the Covid 19 Aid Package worth RM670 million in March 24, 2020.

And under the Second Round of the Covid 19 Aid Package t ‘Sabah New Deal’ worth RM240 million, RM60 million had been allocated to invigorate the digitalization of the private sector including SME and RM25 million interest-free loan allocated for those in the agrofood industry,,” he said in a statement today.

“In fact, Warisan placed high importance on SMIs and micro-businesses in Sabah through our Special Covid-19 Manifesto at last year’s State Election where we aspire to boost the setting up of cooperations, the opening up of strategic industrial hubs all over the State, to intensify the effort to bring in FDIs and DDIs thru MTI and InvestSabah and the introduction of Fast Track Special Permit to regulate and assist our youths who are doing home businesses,” he added.

The former State’s Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry also said the several impediments that hampered the growth of SMIs and micro-businesses in Sabah throughout the years require resolute commitment from the Federal Government for the solution, thus, the party’s power-sharing agreement with other political parties will be guided in solving the impediments.

“Many of the constraints that our SMIs and micro-businesses players have to face such as funds, grants, electricity tariffs, marketing in overseas, Cabotage, ports and infrastructure are dependent on the commitment and political will of parties that form the Federal Government of the day.

It is rather unfortunate that while Warisan was in the midst of getting these impediments removed such as by regaining SESB and the control of our gas or finding larger market for our Sabah-made products thru Matrade, the PH Government was toppled which subsequently saw the change of the State Government.

Since the interests of Sabah’s SMIs and micro-businesses is top priority for Warisan, it is imperative that our political partners understand the issues affecting our players, agree to remove whatever impediments there are and to assist our players to achieve their potentials,” he explained it.

Meanwhile, the Deputy President of Warisan, Darell Leiking said that one distinct feature that distinguishes Warisan from other political parties that it is committed to spread the economic opportunities to all.

“Warisan don’t care if you’re Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dayak, KDM, Bajau or if you’re Muslim or Non-Muslim or if you operate a stall or has a food processing or manufacturing business – your hard work and perseverance to do an honest business day and night so that you can provide for your family especially the education for your children will always inspire many, especially our youths, and including the President and myself too.

But hard work and perseverance alone are not enough because the business environment must also be conducive to ensure our players experience continuous growth hence herein the role of both the Federal and State Governments as ‘effective facilitators’ thru fair and effective distribution of funds and assistance to players who have performed well in the past.

And the Government need to invest more on building new ‘economic infrastructures’ that can help our SMIs and micro-businesses players such as e-commerce and not to spend too much time talking about the needs and policies of yesterday because in the end, the Federal Government will still be the biggest gainer through taxes and duties collected by them from our players,” he said.

Governance Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)

Warisan: Electoral Pact Must Benefit Sabah/Sarawak and Peninsular

KOTA KINABALU : Warisan reiterated today that that party will not be rushed into making electoral pact with other political parties or coalition for mere purpose of being in power and said that any pact to be entered must reflect true aspirations of the people and deep appreciation of the Sabahans and Sarawakians capabilities to rebuild the nation.

The Member of Parliament for Papar, Ahmad Hassan said that for 58 years, capable Sabahans and Sarawakians have been denied the chance to lead the nation despite many of them are capable to do so.

“I am not talking about the Ministerial posts being given to Sabahans/Sarawakians politicians who will come and go but the creation of a lasting formula to enable more eligible civil servants from both States to be appointed to lead Federal Governmental offices and also their empowerment.

This is true because even the former Chief Justice of Malaysia, Tan Sri Richard Malanjum had been denied the post two times before he was finally being appointed during the PH/Warisan era hence what more it will be for our civil servants working in Federal governmental bodies?

If public listed companies and global Multi National Corporations (MNCs) have no issue in allowing hundred thousands of capable Sabahans and Sarawakians to hold important positions that concern the fate of their establishments, then why the same cannot be applied for when it comes to the drafting of Act of Parliament, policies and decision-making processes for Malaysia?

Don’t simply talk about respecting Sabah’s and Sarawak’s rights covered in MA63 as if both States operate in silo in Malaysia where all we need is some regional autonomies and monetary entitlement in return for our oil and gas taken.

The 25 Parliamentary seats that Sabah has signify our right to determine the direction of the country and it all starts from the draft of policies or decisions prepared by the Agencies of a Ministry – no matter how much autonomy or entitlement we received, the implementation of the Act of Parliament, policies or decisions will still affect the Sabahans,” he said today.

The Member of Parliament for Kalabakan, Ma’mun Sulaiman meanwhile said that any electoral pact to be entered into by Warisan should reflect the balance between Sabah’s and Sarawak’s inherent rights under the MA63 and the party’s aspirations to rebuild Malaysia.

“Warisan cannot enter into a pact for mere reason of getting into power – we need to ensure that we also have the upper-hand on matters relating to MA63 and the development of less develop States if we come into power thru that pact and this must be stated clearly.

Sabah share a plethora of problems on poverty, education and health standard in the rural areas, job and business opportunities for the youth, infrastructure, security and IT with other less developed States in Malaysia such as Sarawak, Kelantan, Perak and Terengganu.

If the pact is only to ensure Sabahan politicians to become Ministers, then the pact is useless because it will not solve our fundamental problems – Warisan believe that the correct approach is that all these States should sit down together and find the right solution with the Federal Government making any consensus achieved a national priority without having to resort to ‘race or religion’ polemics, the same way Sabah and Sarawak had worked together on the 21 Points on MA63.

Warisan has Shafie Apdal who understand the needs of the poor and ordinary Malaysians because he also came from an ordinary family and having understood the multitude of problems that the country faced throughout his 30 years service in the Federal Government in various Ministries, we can come out with the correct economic development plans in these less-developed States and make it a national priority,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Treasurer General of Warisan, Terrence Siambun said that for practical reason, the party will need to enter into a pact if it aspire to play important roles to rebuild Malaysia based on its Unity agenda.

“But it does not mean that we will simply make a pact with the conspirators who toppled the legitimate PH Government thru Sheraton Move nor are we interested with those who are adamant to turn Malaysia into an Islamic country.

How will Warisan be able to promote its own agendas thru an alliance that promote contradicting agendas and more so, when that alliance is being dominated by a party full of self-serving and ravenous Supreme Council Members?

Warisan may not have the monies to buy politicians or voters but at least we still have our dignity, credibility and passion to do what is right,” he concluded.

  1. Treasurer General of Warisan, Terrence Siambun
  2. Member of Parliament for Papar, Ahmad Hassan
  3. Member of Parliament for Kalabakan, Ma’mun Sulaiman
Covid-19 Governance

#TamatDarurat: Buka Parlimen. Kenapa Lulus Bajet Tanpa Parlimen?


Covid-19 Governance Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)

Warisan: Covid 19 is a Test for Sabah

KOTA KINABALU : A Warisan leader had today lamented the State Government’s stance of allowing the PN-led Federal Government in deciding the action plans and decisions on Covid 19 management in Sabah, calling it as ‘sad’.

The Deputy President of Warisan, Datuk Darell Leiking, such stand by the GRS-led State Government can potentially delay the economic recovery of the State and pointed out that even Sarawak is handling the pandemic itself.

“With the vaccination process now taking place in the country, we can say that we are now entering the post-Covid 19 period where the economy is slowly opening up with people going back to work.

However it is rather sad to note that several important sectors in Sabah are now facing inefficiencies due to the unnecessary SOPs decided by the PN-led Federal Government that are troublesome to Sabahan employees which in turn, will reduce their performance and productivity at work place,” he said in a statement today.

“While Sarawak has it’s own State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) that is empowered to manage the vaccination process for Sarawakian employees in service, hotel, construction, manufacturing and plantation sectors, GRS disbanded the Sabah Covid-19 Command Centre (previously established by Shafie Apdal) and instead allowed the National Security Council (MKN) to make all the decisions for Sabah.

This dependency on MKN consequentially had caused Sabah to loose its capability to manage its own administration and this is evidenced when Sabahan offshore workers currently have to endure unnecessary SOPs of 10 days quarantine before leaving for offshore and another 10 days when coming back into the State with 2 swabs for each travel.

The question now arises whether such time and money consuming SOP faced by our Sabahan offshore workers is really that necessary considering that Sabahans can now travel to KL without such quarantine – obviously this type of SOP will create some reservation on the part the oil and gas investors who want to reap full benefits from the recovering global economy by investing in this sector here.

And Sabah will be the biggest loser when these investors eventually shift their attention to Sarawak instead,” he explained it.

The former Minister of International Trade and Industry said that it is imperative that Sabah must now manage its own post Covid 19 SOPs to prevent the State from missing out from the recovering global economy.

“I understand why we need to come out with these SOPs but the State Government must emphatize and prioritize the troubles facing our Sabahan workers due to the ‘one size fits all’ type of policy created by the PN-led Federal Government and argue for their case.

Covid 19 management is actually a test for any Government whether it is capable to meet up with all the present and future challenges and this is exactly what the Sarawakian leaders have in mind when they choose to handle everything on their own.

The State Government should be proactive by engaging in continuos discussions with all the industry players in Sabah and to come out with our own methodology in managing the State in this post-Covid 19 period instead of leaving everything to the Federal Government to decide.

All is not gone yet for GRS and it still can revive the Sabah Covid-19 Command Centre previously established by Shafie Apdal and make its own decisions because we should be brave enough to handle matters that relates to our own State’s economy.

This will reduce our financial and economic dependencies with the Federal Government and in turn, make our State at a stronger position when it comes to asserting our inherent rights and privileges under MA63 – how can we talk about if we are politically and economically in a weak position?”