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Warisan: Harmonious Co-Existence Is The Key

KOTA KINABALU : Warisan today reiterated the party’s commitment to rebuild Malaysia’s economy through its ‘Unity’ agenda and believe that it is achievable through the participation of young Malaysians.

Datuk Loretto Padua Jr.

The Secretary General for Warisan, Datuk Loretto Padua Jr. said that while the party’s ‘Unity’ agenda may seem impossible for some, it is achievable because ordinary Malaysians do actually accept pluralism.

“Forging a better inter-ethnic and religious ties in Malaysia may be an arduous task for some but I believe that, as a party from Sabah, a state well-known for its tolerance, Warisan is up to the task.

The ordinary Malaysians, particularly the younger ones, do actually accept our racial and religious differences when we enjoy and share foods such as nasi lemak, roti canai and Hainan chicken rice, religious celebrations, achievement by athletes and slang spoken – in fact, Malaysians irrespective of whether he/she is Malay, Chinese and Indian all abhors over-indulgence, vanity or hypocrisy and will have no qualm to gang-up in social medias and attack anyone who belittle Malaysia.

The foundation for this pluralism existed since the beginning but sadly been vandalized by desperate politicians through their racial and religious polemics hence Malaysia is in need of new leaders who can repair and reinforce this foundation.

Malaysians should reject hypocrite leaders who talk about unity and harmony as Ministers but says the other thing as politicians – what Malaysia needs is consistency and Warisan have proven this requisite consistency,” he said in a statement today.

He also dismissed the allegation that the party’s President, Shafie Apdal is being used by Tun Mahathir and said that the good relationship between the two does not mean that Warisan is being steered by the former Prime Minister.

“Shafie had been in Umno for more than 30 years and as the party’s former top leader and former Minister in various Federal Ministries who performed well, his credibility and commitment may had earned him the trust from Tun Mahathir more so when he (Shafie) refused to work either with the kleptocrats or the back-door Government.

But this does not mean that Warisan is being controlled by Tun Mahathir – while Warisan agreed with the older statesman and Pakatan Harapan (PH) on many issues in Malaysia such as corruption, kleptocracy and transparency, Warisan believe that the country can only become the Asian Tiger once again if Malaysia adopts Warisan’s model of ‘harmonious co-existence’.

This ‘harmonious co-existence’ model is one of the contributing factors that allowed Singapore to become a global economic superpower and is being adopted cleverly by the Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo.

So in summary, during this critical economic turmoil faced by our country, Warisan is the ‘root’ that Malaysia need to resuscitate and reactivate our economy,” he said.

Haji Ahmad Hassan

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for Papar, Haji Ahmad Hassan assert that Malaysians should be aware of the economic calamity that will befell upon country especially the younger ones should PN continue to rule the country.

“Malaysia’s future lies not in the hands of PN, MN or GRS – it lies in the hands of our young voters who will need to find jobs and in turn pay their loans, bills, taxes, duties and even summonses and compounds.

This economic calamity is true especially when hundred thousands of our youths will complete their secondary and tertiary educations by this year and 2022 and they expect to gain employments in accordance with their academic achievements so that they can repay the education loans worth tens of thousands of ringgit made by themselves or their parents.

But judging from the way PN is handling our economy at the moment coupled with Muafakat Nasional’s (MN) excessive politicking and bickering, the future look very bleak for this hundred thousands of our youths who will now have to compete with some 782,000 Malaysians currently unemployed and we have yet to include the legal and illegal migrants.

But of course, while Umno, PH, economists, business associations and even World bodies issued some negative reviews on PN’s performance in handling our economy, its Ministers will say that all is good and nothing to be worried about despite some globally renowned corporations are either closing down or downsizing its operation and shifted to our neighbouring countries,” he concluded.